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Can I go over my pornography-viewing habits using my pal? | Interactions |

Not long ago I lent a pal my laptop but forgot to clean my internet history from it. Whenever I was a single guy, we accustomed from time to time view free gay porn online. After getting married, i’ve done this much less often, plus don’t view it as a big deal. My personal email doesn’t have anything untoward besides random spam e-mails (Viagra, lonely housewives etc).

But after obtaining the notebook straight back, my buddy hinted that i ought to log out-of e-mail records and wipe my personal record etc. It wasn’t until afterwards that We realized just what he was hinting at. I’m guessing he had an issue beside me viewing this content. I don’t desire him to believe I’m a freak; i believe it really is reasonably normal are curious. Ought I address him about it, or leave it end up being?

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